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Harald P. Futschig

MAstership & Excellence

In-depth psychological analyst & consultant

Harald P. Futschig offers his mastership of discovering in-depth insights in business or private matters.

This indispensable ability leads to surprising strategies and ways of working that have not been thought of before.


With his unique skill, Harald supports successful managers in order to create constant mastership & excellence.

Harald Futschig

WhaT Clients Say

Andreas Dombret

For more than a decade Harald Futschig accompanies me as a discret adviser in professional and private matters.

With his clarity and competence he is a valuable confidant in many ways.

Prof. Dr. Andreas R. Dombret

Finance Expert & former member of the German Bundesbank


Harald P. Futschig accompanies executive managers in business or private matters.

He is a seasoned and trustful consultant looking behind the facts & analysing the hidden psychological structures and patterns.

With this unique competence, Harald P. Futschig supports successful people by generating surprising strategies in order to create mastership & excellence.


Harald P. Futschig, a native of central Germany, is a seasoned professional who draws from a background that includes the martial arts, medicine, music and business. He has worked with numerous individuals and organisations to initiate and support change and success.

  • Individual Life Consultant

  • Leadership Coach

  • Organisational Consultant

  • Mediator and Conflict Management Facilitator

  • Lecturer in the fields of communication and presentation 

  • Expertise in philosophical anthropology, sport sciences, traditional and alternative medicine

  • Bushido Warrior, Sensai 3. Dan

  • Aviator >1500 hours

  • Offspring of Julius von Fucík and Igo Etrich and their musical and engineering heritage

Image by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird



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